Build Relationships

Build Relationships

Influence is the “Holy Grail” of all Leadership. Everyone wants and needs it, but few understand it.

The one thing all of us want, and that all of us aspire to is the ability to influence. It is necessary in all walks of life, affects all ages and transcends gender and background.


Perhaps what we should do is narrow our focus. We don’t just want to have influence. We want to be an influence for good. We want to enhance lives. We want to help others. We want “influence” – the verb, not “influence” the noun. When our words match our actions, that congruency brings enormous influence until people say of you what they said of Gandhi: What he thinks, he says. What Gandhi says, he does.” He brought the nation of England to its knees by the power of his own example.

Unless we are willing to build relationships, our influence will be limited. People simply “don’t care what you know until they know how much you care.” This is the principle behind all successful, influential leaders. Their weapon is not their knowledge, but their love, compassion, understanding and willingness to Build Relationships

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Christos Lygouriatis 

Talent Management Consultant



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