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Brewing a perfect cup of coffee may not be as easy as you think. Sometimes coffee might be too strong; others times it may be too weak. Here, you will discover some fabulous tips on working through your brewing issues.

Christos CoffeeTips! Do not drink coffee after the middle of the workday. Although coffee tastes good, the caffeine inside can inspire many sleepless nights.

Decide how many cups of coffee you’d like to make before you measure the grounds and water needed. While an ordinary cup of coffee has six ounces, a measuring cup has eight. Use two tablespoons of coffee grounds for every six ounces of filtered water for best results. The use of measuring cups can cause your coffee to be too watered down.

To make the best coffee, you need the best water. You might want to use bottled water. Even though you might not want to spend money on water, it will have a positive impact on the taste of your coffee. If using bottled water does not interest you, at least get a purifier to add to your faucet. This won’t be quite as good as bottled water, but it is still a better alternative than straight tap.

Christos CoffeeTips! When measuring out coffee grounds and water, consider how many cups you want to make. A cup of coffee is not really a cup as it is only around six ounces.

Store coffee in air tight containers. You should also make sure the container isn’t transparent. Keep it in a dry, cool place. A root cellar is the perfect place if you have one. If you don’t have one, a refrigerator will do for two weeks or so.

How long coffee goes through brewing has a tremendous impact on how the final cup tastes. You should not be brewing your coffee for more than five minutes when making the full-flavored variety. Brew coffee for shorter intervals for weaker flavor. Go longer if you really like a bitter taste, but who does?

Making tasty coffee every time can be somewhat difficult. Nevertheless, when you apply what you’ve learned here, you’ll be headed in the directed of the holy grail cup of coffee.

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