Do you let the WORLD to see YOU ?

Do you let the WORLD to see YOU ?

I recently shot a short video, and posted it on my blog.Was about greeting everyone who visit my blog..something that was very “in the moment” and I wanted to get my feelings out right then and there about the issue. It happened to be late at night when I shot it, and I perhaps looked a little tired. I actually considered NOT shooting the video based on this knowledge, but I decided to go ahead and shoot anyway.

The majority of the feedback was great and very relevant. However, there was a small amount of people that really startled me! There were actually concerned for my well-being! Christo, are you well? Is everything okay? You seem so down!” were a few of the comments I received.
It got me to thinking — in this world of social media do we present EVERYTHING about ourselves? Do we keep certain things, like late night videos, to ourselves? What if one of the most important and brilliant ideas you’ve ever had comes to you at 11:30 PM and you MUST to let the world know!? Do you wait till the morning when your fresh healthy coffee is ready?

Everyone knows what a perfectionist is, but those of us who just want to get things done without perfection needed a title too – My Best man Dino made up the word “CozaNostra” a long time ago to describe himself in just one word. There are definitely strengths and weaknesses for both types of people.So here we go..

I have noticed that perfectionists do some great work. Their attention to detail makes the final product impeccable, working like a well-oiled machine. I admire perfectionists and have spent my life consciously aspiring to be more like them.

Do you let the WORLD to see YOU
Do you let the WORLD to see YOU

At the same time, some of the perfectionists in my life drive me nuts. They sometimes can get things started, or just don’t finish them in a timely manner because of their high standards.

On the other hand,as cozanostra I absolutely must surround myself with perfectionists to make up for my short comings. I start and finish a lot of projects. I look for efficiencies in everything I do, but I absolutely need to have experts and perfectionists involved in the process to make sure I don’t miss anything or make mistakes. In business, April proofs everything for me. I rely on her mastermind group to make sure I am making sound decisions and Nate makes everything beautiful and correct from a design perspective.

With eleven years working for my own company, I have experienced a lot of good, bad and learning in business. I have noticed that at times I have even gravitating toward the dark side of my perfectionist,  paralyzed by fear that I may make a bad decision with detrimental consequences. But my cozanostra side will usually uncork my brain and get me moving again. Then I’m off at 90 miles an hour again.

I guess my point is that striving for balance in life is also reflected in the balance between extremes like perfectionism and cozanostra . I find myself relying on some simple messages that I notice in life to help me. I always know I am in the “too fast” mode when I go to the gym, lift weights and receive the message on the screen, “Try to Slow Down.” I chuckle because it really is that obvious!

Then in the rare times when I am paralyzed from playing with my four children or master-networking, I will update my blog to experience my lesson. When faced with the swift from my wife, I have no choice but to become “amazing”. I know that the worst case scenario is a -32 degree shovel snow in my driveway, but there is a higher likelihood that I will make it through still in under 30 min.

I suppose it comes down to personal preference. How willing are you to let the world see the REAL you?
How willing are you to let them in to your actual world, and not just the perfectly laid out and scripted stuff?
Will your customers and prospects think of you differently if you’re real or perfect?
Only you will know.

Let me know Do you let the WORLD to see YOU ? Whats your intake, happy blogging.



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