Engage your Social Media friends

Engage your Social Media Friends

to promote themselves, their products, or their business ideas. I find myself teaching the same basic principles over and over again on how to first establish your brand online, then strategically build a LARGE relevant list. To me everything else is a giant waste of time until you get these first two things right. Once you have done that, you can then move onto the more fun aspects of posting, socializing, and engaging your list.

I will be recording some videos at some point to cover all of this (so I can save my accent! haha), but here are some quick tips that you may find useful.

Engaging people online is done through your messaging. In today’s “Attention Age” where multi tasking and ADD seem to be the status quo, good messaging must be two things:

1. Simple

2. Intriguing

Engage your Social Media friends

Engage your Social Media friends

I used to spend a lot of time looking at what kinds of posts generate the most interest and results, however to help those just getting started, I now recommend a much simpler approach involving extensive R&D… and by that I mean the more entrepreneurial definition of R&D – “Rip Off & Duplicate!” LOL

It’s kind of like Social Media on Steroids!

Or just like learning how to play a new musical instrument, first you learn by playing the music of others, and after a while you start composing your own! The simplest way to do this on Facebook & Twitter is to become friends/follow those you look up to, or have a similar messages or brands that you want to create for yourself. Then simply create a Facebook Friend/ Twitter List of these people so that you can easily monitor what they are posting. Feel free to share, or retweet anything you like, and it won’t be long before you get the hang of what works online and start posting your own unique ideas & media. In general, the more personal and social the post, the better. Content that offers real value is good, and humor is always appreciated. And above all, frequency and consistency are critical!

I am compiled the list below of popular Authors/Speakers from the business/marketing/leadership world.

I recommend selecting a few that your desired brand can personally identify with and adding them as FB friends, and following them on Twitter. Note that not all of them are up to speed on Social Media yet, but most shouldn’t be too hard to find.

Hope this list helps, and please comment if you have some other recommendations of people who post geat stuff!

Authors/Speakers Topic/Focus
Amanda Gore Lifestyle, leadership
Andy Andrews Leadership, Inspiration
Barbara Stoker Positive Risk: How Smart Women Use Passion to Rid Fear
Barry Feig Hot Button Marketing:
Bill Danko The Millionaire Next Door
Bob Burg Business Networking/Sales success
Bob Proctor Business Success/Law of Attraction
Brian Tracy Leadership/Management
Cheryl Richardson Life Balance: Take Time for Your Life
Connie Podesta: Communication. Personal/professional balance
Cynthia Kersey Motivational/business
David Bach Financial
Deborah Rosado Shaw Business coach
Doug Lane Investing (Avondale Partners)
Dr. Elizabeth Pina Hispanic Marketing
Dr. John Eliot Performance
Ensher & Murphy Power Mentoring
Erik Weihenmayer Overcoming Adversity, Blind climber who conquered Everest
Harry Dent Business/Investment Strategy
Ian Percy Motivational/leadership/business
Jack Canfield Chicken Soup for the Soul Guy: Inspiration, Motivation
Jack Trout Marketing Guru
Jim Rohn Leadership and inspiration
Jean Chatzky Finance
Jim Collins Good to Great/Built to Last
Joel Osteen Motivational/Inspirational
Joyce Meyer The Confident Woman: Living Boldly and Without Fear
John Assaraf Reveals secrets to ‘having it all’ – what money can’t buy.
John C. Maxwell Leadership & Inspiration

Don’t wait to start discovering your own entrepreneurial spirit.

Take action today!

My diverse background, extensive resources, industry knowledge and experience will help you bridge the gap. I will provide you with a network of experts, other entrepreneurs and business owners. We’ll help put the puzzle together to make your business dreams a reality.

Keep marketing, keep making money, keep empowering others and Engage your Social Media friends 
The key to success is how well you learn to market yourself and your company by connecting with quality people on a daily basis.

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