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Its 2012 friends! Will 2012 be the end of the world? I doubt so, then again I could be wrong :P . Its great to start a new year fresh! I don’t have a new years revolution set but I do have goals that I want to achieve in 2012. I was able to achieve some last year and I’m making 2012 my “redemption year”. What about you?

Whatever you’ve decided or plan to achieve, I’m going to say something which may sound cliche…… just do it, better yet do it TODAY. In my honest opinion, there is no perfect time to “start” except NOW.

Now will be always be the right time to do what you’ve always wanted to do whether its losing a couple of pounds, writing that very first blog post, starting a blog, writing a book. Get a friend if you have to! A friend will help to push you.

  • STOP giving yourself excuses for not starting.
  • STOP blaming others
  • STOP reading all those social media books  and blog post and start doing something
  • STOP waiting to get your website design/blog design done so that you can write your blog post. WRITE IT now!

Do remember, that there is no such thing as failure when you’re doing something, what you get are feedbacks. You’ve failed if you’ve not done anything! Thats my definition of failure. You are in control of your own destiny.

I’ve asked my friends to give their definition of failure and here they are:

  • Failure is an another step towards success.
  • Failure is repeating the same mistakes over and over again
  • Failure is the result of not trying.
  • Failure is a learning experience.
  • Failure is a state of mind, take what you have learned from the experience and use it to your advantage.
  • Failure is not getting back up
  • Failure is giving up
  • Failure is quitting
  • Failure a sweet mistake
  • Failure inevitable
  • Failure is a lesson
  • Failure is one step ahead
  • Failure is one more way I know that cannot lead me to success
  • Failure is nothing to fear. Keep moving forward is the theme.
  • Failue is a choice
  • Failure is to never try again and again and again
  • Failure is learning
  • Failure is what happens right before success
  • Failure is not trying to get up after you’ve fallen
  • Failure is enlightening
  • Failure is first step on the success ladder
  • Failure is the warm feeling you get from hanging out with losers
  • Failure is not underlined

Here is a video that inspired to me to be a better in 2012.




Hope it had inspired you too.

Whats your definition of failure?

Share them in the comment below and I’ll add it.

Cheers to 2012.

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