Is Your Mindset Empowering You?

Is Your Mindset Working For You?

Most people who are striving for success, or aiming for goals and outcomes in life usually have a plan of action, or a map of how to get from where they are currently to where they want to be. Despite the road map, there are many entrepreneurs who still get lost on the journey and never make it to their destination. Why is that?

There are those of us who are what I like to call “tool collectors” in business. You have every tool known to man that can simplify, organize, automate, separate, and generate. You attend every seminar, every webinar and live event. You participate in every company call, every training and have been coached by some of the best in the industry.

You have spent small fortunes investing in your business and every component is assembled for your success. There is nothing else to gather, estimate or contemplate. In spite of the “stars being in alignment” success still eludes you.

The one thing that is keeping success at bay is that ole mindset that keeps creeping in to sabotage all of the effort and work. You simply don’t believe that you can truly be successful, and you do believe that you are unworthy of great wealth. You don’t believe that people see you as a leader, and you do believe that everyone else can do it, except you.

So your mindset is clearly the last frontier to your success, and to your greatness. That’s OK, so you may have worked backwards. You got all the technical and business know-how stuff down. You know all the best marketing strategies, and you know how to communicate effectively with every personality type. You know how to close prospects and the whole nine. Now it’s time to fuel this rocket ship with a new mindset, which will propel you into your destiny.

Truth be told, your mindset may not be serving you now, but I am sure it did at one point in your life. For example, perhaps you have a mindset or belief system that you are powerless in this world. You may have formed this belief as a small child during a time when you were dominated by a parent or someone else in your life that made it clear to you that you had no rights, and that you were to do as you were told. As you grew older you held that belief in your subconscious, and you interacted with the world in a powerless manner.

So how do you move from a mindset that no longer serves you into one that does? There are 3 steps to start the ball rolling. I call them the Three R’s:

Step 1: Relate

Acknowledge your current beliefs and allow yourself to relate them to a time in your past when they were needed.

Step 2: Release

Release your attachment to the current beliefs by writing them down on pieces of paper in order to see them clearly. Then, either burn each piece in a quiet ceremony or tear them up and discard them.

Step 3: Replace

Replace your old mindset with a new one. Start by stating to yourself, and writing down your desires. Next write affirming statements alongside those desires. For example, if you desire love and happiness write it down and next to it write a statement similar to “I have healthy relationships, and I attract positive people. I am surrounded by love and appreciation.”

Remember that you are crossing the last frontier to your greatness, and respect the process!

Are you ready to develop yourself, your business and your life into what you desire ???

The key to success with any network marketing company is how well you learn to market yourself and attract quality leaders to your business.

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