My Inspiration for 2015

My Inspiration for 2015

Greetings.Watch this brief video and see what gratitude can do for your life.I know it help me the last two years ..a lot !!

You are awesome, amazing, one of a kind and loved! Don’t ever try to be someone else for others. Just be yourself and show everyone around you just how special you are.

Guys ,i am telling ya– You won’t believe what I did today?

I don’t believe what I did today.

I have always classed myself as a bit of a “Techno Daddy” I am not the most technically minded person and have never really had aspirations to be but I am achieving some awesome things that I never thought I would (or could),,aha..

I have been able to manage most things to do with creating my blog with a few bits of help from my amazing skype buddies.

That in itself is a miracle but today I managed to produce my own web(mp3) voice recording with my personal Top 10 Tips to help Business AND Entrepreneurs.Its even topped and tailed with royalty free music so its kinda like a professionals job.No bad eh??

I know! I can’t believe it.

It is quite amazing when you give youreslf a go and just try something. I’ve been pushing all the “Computery” stuff away for ages because I didn’t think I was capable, but now i am just getting started.

Now I know that I am capable. I got through the frustration, the occassional swear word and my wife even survived my cranky moods but WHooh I feel like Ed Bestoso or Ray Higdon. I am a man on a Mission!!!!

I am so very grateful for pushing through, overcoming my self imposed limitations and just having a go. To me building a blog and doing anything technical,two years ago was like a giant monster to me.But not anymore baby.Kum ba yah baby. My Inspiration for 2015 YES I CAN do it!

It’s really the same with a business and anything else in life. You actually have to have a go to learn, then you have to be persistent and stay focussed on what you want and then keep going until you finally succeed.

Now, I just have to figure out what I’m going to do with it! keep your eyes out cause I’ll be putting it up on the blog soon. I just have to figure out how.

The key to success with any network marketing company is how well you learn to market yourself and attract quality people to your business.

Best Regards
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My Inspiration for 2015

Christos Lygouriatis
Online Marketing Entrepreneur
My Inspiration for 2015



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