Network Marketing Core DNA

Network Marketing Core DNA

Network Marketing Core DNA

Greetings !
FB has won. It’s done. Just like Microsoft won the Desktop OS (in part handed to them by IBM), so too has FB won the Social OS (in part handed to them by Microsoft). For now…

Acknowledging the truth is the first step to changing it.

The only question now is how long we’re all willing to wait, until we get our act together, to turn the proprietary innovation of the ‘social graph’ into our Network Marketing core DNA.

We need to recognize our power.

They have ~1B users? The open web has more). Chances are that the major company or brand you work for has plenty of its own users as well. Are you going to send them to FB, or are you going to invest in your own .com.I know how you feel.. trust me, I know it’s really, really easy to take what you’re given because you’re too busy putting out a million fires. Hey…as  leaders I challenge us all to build something better… We’re the only ones who can…
Keep Marketing, keep making money, keep empowering others and stay tuned for future trainings
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The key to success is how well you learn to market yourself and your company by Network Marketing with quality people on a daily basis.

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Network Marketing Core DNA

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Network Marketing Core DNA



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