Tenacity is Unstoppable

I learned three years ago that no one should prejudge someone else’s capacity to build Network Marketing business.I have been surprised a hundrend times as to who is and is not successful.In the early days ,when i was just getting started as Marketing Executive ,i would often tend to”prejudge” people as to whether or not they would ultimately be successful with my program. I would base my ” forcast” on their intelligence, personality, or likeability. Over the last four years, I have been often dismayed at how wrong my forcasts have been. Some people who did not seem to have many of the assets normally associated with success, were successful in spite of their perceived shortcomings. I remember once after a meeting a lady came up to visit with me. I’ll call her “Maria” for the sake of this post, but that’s not her real name. She said, “I have been in many multi-level companies and none of them worked for me. But I realize this is not a multi-level company and I liked what you said tonight. I am going to do this business. And I am going to do really well.” After a few minutes with her I found myself thinking, “lady, I,ll give you about 30 days. No one is going to listen to you. Your poor speaking habits, your lack of logic, and your unpleasant personality are going to chase people away. You can’t do this business. You aren’t cut out for it. We have built this business for common people all right, but you are less than common. Everyting you say and do screams ‘I am a loser.'” Now you understand, I didn’t say any of this out loud to Maria, but as I looked into her eyes, I thought it. I was friendly and cordial, of course, but inside I felt sorry for her and wondered if it was my responsibility to tell her, “Don’t do this to yourself. You are going to fail. I don’t want you to get your hopes up and work hard and then get so disappointed and didcouraged because you don’t have what it takes.” Even though there had been a good turnout of 12 to 15 people that night, I remember feeling depressed as I left the meeting, mostly because I had given Maria hope. I had led her to believe she could do it, but I just knew she was going to fall flat on her face. And it was my fault, because I had told her anyone could be successful in this buisiness, when I didn’t really believe she could. I remember comforting myself because there had been many other people that evening that would be able to do it. They were bright, sharp people who really had what it takes. I expected that when I follow up the next month they would have made a lot of progress and been well on their way to success. The unbelievable (to me) part of the story is that Maria proved me wrong-very wrong! Four years after she enrolled, she became very successful.. I watched her grow her business. It was slow but consistent. She was tenacious. She had a very wierd approach. She demonstrated one of the products by cleaning people’s wedding rings and kept telling folks about our products. The average order in her group was one of the highest in the country, and her retention rate was also one of the best. People in her organization used and understood our products. They stayed with us forever.

Tenacity is Unstoppable

Tenacity is Unstoppable

Her cumulative earnings were more than three-quarters of a million dollars. The amazing part of this post is although a dozen or so people came the night I met Maria, I don’t know what happened to most of the others. I am sure that many of them still use our products and some make a few dollars with us, but only Maria grew to be so successful. As I review the many things I learned from Maria(and others like her), I have tried to analyze what it is that separates those who are tremendously successful from those who are marginally successful. I am sure, everyone comes with his or her own set of skills and abilities. And those that have the skills and ability can move faster than those who do not. But in the case of Maria, she did not seem to have much ability or any skills that I could recognize. So what makes the difference? Without question it is tenacity! Maria had tenacity! Tenacity means a lot more than not giving up. Tenacity means pushing forward without slowing down. It means more than not quitting. It means stopping is never even considered as an option. Maria’s was not a rapidly growing business. Hundreds moved faster than she did. But she kept going. Her income kept growing year after year. She had tenacity. Maria and many others like her have taught me to never prejudge someone else’s potential. We really have a business where anyone can succeed. Anyone can do it! We can never prejudge someone’s tenacity to work hard and continue working. That’s a decision people will make for themselves regardless of their skill level os experience. I have seen many bright people with tons os skills who never reached Maria’s level os success, because they did not have tenacity. And since I met Maria, I have witnessed dozens of others with far less than average talent become huge successes, because they have tenacity and kept trying long after others had slowed down. Tenacity is unstoppable! I pay tribute to Maria and the hundreds of others like her who are providing every day that tenacity outperforms every other talent. She has been a tremendous inspiration to me and to anyone who decides they are going to use our company to change their life.Special thank you to my son Ilias for helping me type this post. Tenacity is Unstoppable

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